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Man! I’ve really missed blogging… Just to give you guys a little background, I’m in my last year of school and decided the summer would be a great time to take some courses (insert side eye). While trying to sew, blog, do homework and be a great mom, girlfriend, friend, sister and employee I found that my new found love of blogging ended up taking a back seat. Disappointed is an understatement.

Well the semester is over and I’m ready to jump head first into the creativity pond!! Pond?! More like an ocean! But nonetheless I want to be in it!


In between doing everything else this summer, I managed to cut out some patterns I was interested in sewing and this Simplicity Cynthia Rowley pattern was heavy on my mind after seeing a version by That Black Chic. I saw the dress she made on her Instagram feed almost a month ago and was DETERMINED to make my own! The pattern looked simple enough and I had just been gifted 4 yards of Ankara fabric by a friend. She decided she didn’t have a vision for the fabric and that she would love to see what I came up with using it. Was this a challenge??? Why yes I believe it is!


Let me first tell you this pattern is super simple!!! I think any beginner sewer could master this pattern with ease. The only real measurement is your bust area. Just make sure you follow your size based on finished measurements. The pattern came together so easily and nicely. I am so excited about this dress! The summer is basically over, but I do plan to make 1 more before it gets too cold. I think this dress can transition into fall with the right covering and fabric choice.



If you’ve been hesitant to make this pattern I strongly suggest you give it a try and pick up the pattern when there’s a sale.


“Unlock the swag, the swag unlock!”-rae sermmud


Summer In The City…

Last I decided I wanted to learn how to sew using actual patterns.  I’m not sure about anyone else, but sewing with a pattern was very nerve wrecking for me. I was so nervous about getting the proper seam allowance, figuring out ease (still working on that!), how to determine which size applies to me and overall following some of these super complicated directions!
I hadn’t much experience when I came across Dixie Diy on Pinterest. One of my favorite pastimes besides sewing is reading blogs, namely sewing blogs…DUH! So I began searching for blog posts related to this really cute top! I love a sneaky crop with a bomb-ass drape! Did I not just describe the Summer Concert Tee?!

Everyone had pretty awesome reviews and really encouraged a beginner sewer like me to try the pattern out. Not only was I not comfortable with sewing from a pattern, but then I threw a PDF pattern into the mix too! But man was the pay off awesome!
The Summer Concert Tee is SSSOOOO easy to make! Never mind the sleeves, never mind the neckband! I promise you not only are the directions easy to follow, but there’s only 5 pieces to complete the top.

I wish I had taken pics of the top in progress, but I sewed this top last year. I’ve worn it with jeans, a cute knit pencil skirt, and shorts. It’s the perfect length in the back for leggings too by the way. After doing this post, I realized that I need shirts to cover this W-ASS….wide ass! Like seriously my butt is HUGE!!!

If you’re a thick girl…or even skinny, this top is for you! I love it. I purchased this floral fabric from Joanns and left it in my stash for forever but it made the perfect Summer Concert Tee.

Let me know how your tee turns out and how you style your tee as well! I can’t wait to see!

“Summer, summer, summer time…”- Will Smith SummerTime

Like Bandy, Bandy…


There has to be some Zap Mama fans out there!!! I had the opportunity to see her live a few years ago and it was such a great experience. So if you haven’t heard Zap Mamas music before be sure to check out Youtube if you like Afro-Pop.

This July 4th was a wet one, but it didn’t matter I still had a great holiday and BIRTHDAY!!! WHOOP WHOOP!  Got some cool gifts that I can’t wait to use, namely a remote for my Canon…I think that was a hint lol!  I hope you guys enjoyed your holiday as well!

 I made this skirt with the intention of wearing it out to my birthday dinner, but was told to get Grown & Sexy, and while this look is funky and edgy (more my speed), I didn’t feel confident in the grown and sexy aspect of it….What do you think?  Either way, I wanted to make a skirt using my dashiki fabric from Tambo Collections for quite some time.  I definitely plan on making a dashiki, but I mean I had to jump on the dashiki print skirt train to!  I love to see the maxi versions of the skirt, they are all BEAUTIFUL!, but I had my heart set on a mini (not risqué) version.

Let me first start by saying I am no way an expert or experienced sewer.  Yeah I’ve made a few garments and even some Ginger Jeans ( I made freakin’ jeans!!!!), but I still consider myself a beginner.  Does anyone know what criteria you should use to classify your sewing skill level?

With that being said, I completely freestyled this skirt!!!  No pattern, no Youtube tutorials, just me and my basic knowledge of sewing.  Did I mention I also installed a zip and pockets and serged every single piece? Oh, I didn’t? Well yeah I did all that shit!

When I make a garment that I think my Sew Mother would be proud of, I say self “you made love to this fabric!”.  Why yes I did!  I used my waist measurement and added 1″ (for seam allowance) to create my waistband.  My waist band is 3″, so I doubled that and added another 1″ for seam allowance.  My skirt consists of 3 panels (had to add pockets somehow) and is the width of the fabric used, which I think is 45″ by the length of the skirt 21″ (again seam allowance added). I then gathered my fabric until it was the width of my waistband and attached.

I’m really proud of my garment and plan to wear it almost every weekend this summer(…I kid…or maybe not).

“Like Bandy Bandy, wave your body”- Zap Mama, Bandy Bandy




First, let me thank everyone for viewing my site and the kind comments and support!  I haven’t responded to them because I’m still trying to figure out how to do that LOL!  And I think I need to update my About page with some info about who So On Edge is.  I’ll get to that ASAP!


People are always surprised when I tell them my birthday is July 4th lol.  Not really sure why, but I get a kick out of their reaction every time.


I wanted to share what I wore out for my birthday dinner.  We had the best time, and the sea bass was BOMB!!



I ordered this dress from ASOS for like $15 bucks months ago, and my heels from Sole Society last year.  I’m so happy with both purchases, and these heels are extremely comfortable, but most of Sole Society‘s heels are.

I intended to wear a skirt that I’d made, but decided I could save that for another time.  I can’t wait to share my skirt with you! I completely freestyled it to, which is the best!



I hope all of you guys have a safe 4TH, and when you’re taking a shot, take one for ME!

“Go shawty, it’s ya birthday. We goin’ party like it’s ya birthday!!!”- 50 Cent, In Da Club

Jump, Jump…

Closet Case Files….Oh how I love thee!


As soon as Heather Lou released the Sallie Jumpsuit & Maxi, I knew IMMEDIATELY that it must be made by me!  I don’t know about you, but this hippy (and I don’t mean the 60’s) girl has a hard time fitting bottoms. I’m still working on understanding how to adjust for negative ease and how to account for the major difference from my waist to my wide hips. After making this wearable muslin I see that I will need to make some adjustments; (namely the length I’m 5’7″) for my next jumpsuit, because let’s be real here, there will be others.

Here’s  a few more pics, please excuse the overexposed pics…we’re still working on our photography :).

IMG_2975 IMG_2976

This was a quick and easy make, even for a beginner like me.  I am totally in love!  I hope you have a Sallie on your cutting table this weekend. ENJOY!!!!

Never mind the beer can in the background…its the weekend!
HA! This is my model pose!
HA! This is my model pose!
Babe, did you get all the pics???
Babe, did you get all the pics???

Fabric: Girl Charlee

Pattern: Sallie Jumpsuit

“I don’t need you, I don’t need you, but I love you…I don’t mean to, I don’t mean to, but I want you” Jhene Aiko 

And in the beginning…

I had the brilliant idea to start a blog while on vacation.  Funny thing is you always seem to have tons of extra time when your on vacation (go figure), and everything seems possible and doable.

I’ve been thinking about blogging for some time now.  Even though the blogisphere seems saturated with fashion blogs, I figure whats the harm in adding one more.  Let me be completely honest with you though, this blog isn’t just about fashion or outfits of the day.  My hope is that it will become more of a place for just about everything that I have in interest in, music, fashion, style, natural hair and making money lol.

Stay tuned, lets see what happens.

“me and 40 back to work but we still smell like a vacation”-Drake, I’m On One